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Digital invoicing through Zoho CRM

We offer a value added service to our customers in Mexico: the digital invoicing with CFDI from Zoho CRM. They will take advantage of digital invoicing without accessing a different software. They will not have to copy data held in the CRM such as customer name, RFC, invoicing address, product cost and name… With this solution, the company will manage the entire sale lifecycle, from prospecting to invoicing and follow up, in the Zoho CRM application.

Digital invoicing has been mandatory in Mexico since 2011 for some companies. In order to be fiscally recognized by the SAT, the Mexican treasury, some steps are needed and it is requested to go through a certified provider. Our new system allows to generate and send Comprobantes Fiscales Digitales por Internet (CFDI) to customers, using PDF and XML format. We performed our integration with a Proveedor Autorizado de Certificación (PAC): MYSuite.

The solution we are offering is a link between Zoho CRM and MYSuite to benefit from the two tools:

  • Saas application entirely on Internet
  • CFDI invoice (PDF et XML) distribution to end customers through email
  • CFDI invoice storage during 5 years
  • Availability of customized templates
Digital invoicing in Mexico - CFDI and Zoho CRM diagram

If you request us this solution, we will analyze the invoicing process and your current CRM usage in your organization. We will perform the integration following your requirements.

Monthly subscription

To get this service, we have the monthly subscription option which includes invoices and support.
$ / CFDI

To activate and setup the service, you need to add a $8,000.00 cost. In order to be able to use Products and Invoices module in the CRM, your company must use the Profesional or Enterprise version of Zoho CRM.

With this package you can generate and receive up to 100 invoices every month.

Cost of an additional CFDI is $3.20. Please find below some examples:

  • Total amount for sending 150 invoices during the month: $660.00 + VAT
  • Total amount for sending 300 invoices during the month: $1,140.00 + VAT