01/09/2015 – MZ Consultants and Nebulo, Zoho partners, created the Meetup group Vive Zoho CDMX to promote the Zoho applications. The first event was organized on August 20th in Mexico city.

On August 20th 2015, MZ Consultants and Nebulo organized an event at Cafe Havanna with some of their current customers to deal with Zoho news.

The event agenda was related to news introduced during the Zoholics conference:

  • Run your business on Zoho
  • Zoho CRM Plus
  • Zoho CRM news
  • Zoho CRM future mobile application

About 20 MZ Consultants and Nebulo customers attended this event in Mexico city.

Zoho in Mexico

This event was the official launch of the Meetup group Vive Zoho en CDMX, a professional gathering of users from all Zoho tools (Books, CRM, Campaigns, Creator, People, Projects…). The goal of this community is to increase knowledge, exchange ideas and develop usage of the Zoho cloud platform. The facilitators of this group are MZ Consultants and Nebulo, Zoho partners in Latin America and Europe. The target is to have events on a monthly or bimonthly basis, depending on community interest.