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Zoho Projects was first launched in 2006 as a useful tool for online project management and has evolved since then searching for an increasing efficient and friendly user experience. To that end, in addition to offering easy navigation and features that help organize and streamline the project management process, Zoho Projects 7 emerges.

Zoho Projects

The new Zoho Projects 7th version has arrived to delight its users with attractive new features in its interface and its functionalities. For example, it now features an attractive single page design that accesses all modules from its handy left panel to reach any module with just one click. Its filters and advanced searches are more effective to find everything you need quickly. With colorful themes to choose from and a dark mode option, Zoho Projects now reflects your style, taste, and is more comfortable to work with.

In the home portfolio you will be able to have an overview of all the projects and all the teams you have been working on through the personal panel and the portfolio panel. In the personal dashboard you will find widgets that report on all work items (issues, tasks, milestones, and overdue or overdue events). In the portfolio panel you will have a summary overview of the work done on the projects, with widgets that address the project schedule, status, ownership, budget status and clients.

In the Reports module, in the Resource Utilization section, you will find a better appearance in the presentation of the information and a uniform experience in its different views. As well, in the Errors module you will discover a coherent presentation with more functionalities for its effective correction.

Adapting perfectly to current times, the Discuss section favors an open conversation through calls or through chat among all collaborators. Meetings can be scheduled thanks to its integration with Zoho Cliq or Zoho Meeting. Remote work is now perceived as very close with this tool.

Continuing with the new releases that Zoho Projects 7th version has implemented, there is its new week and day view in its calendar. With this, users will have greater ease in planning their work or identifying critical times, as well as scheduling events before tasks.

It is now easier to identify bottlenecks and correct them by having a clear view of workflow and pipeline status, as well as how long a task takes to progress through its different stages.

Documents are better organized thanks to its integration with Zoho WorkDrive, where users can create, organize and share team folders to exchange information seamlessly. Relevant information can be consulted by assigning access privileges.

* Important: Zoho Projects version 6 has a shelf life until March 31, 2021. It is highly recommended to migrate to Zoho Projects 7th version as soon as possible to acclimate to the new updates.

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