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On February 2016, Zoho will held the second edition of Zoholics Mexico. Unlike last year, this Zoholics session will be a two day event. Main talks will be about Zoho CRM. There will also have two simultaneous tracks: sales and marketing (Zoho Campaigns, Zoho SalesIQ, Zoho Survey…) and business applications (Zoho Creator, Zoho Books, Zoho […]

We will be participating next week at the ExpoTecnología Monterrey.     ExpoTecnología is a serie of events in Mexico dedicated to technological solutions. They are targeted for all size organizations looking to improve their current processes and discover new technologies. Like previously in Mexico city and Guadalajara, we will be showing the Saas applications […]

To comply with Article 29-A from Código Fiscal de la federación, it is mandatory for an association to generate the donation CFDI with the following requirements: In order to generate the donation digital receipt with the specific note using MYSuite: 1. In the invoicing home page, click on the Addendas y Formularios Especiales option 2. […]

After the ExpoTecnología in México city, we will be participating at the ExpoTecnología Guadalajara.     ExpoTecnología is an event dedicated to organizations that are assessing technological solutionsand are willing to improve their processes. There will be several exhibitors from this sector. In addition, conferences and workshops will be held. We will be showing the […]

For the first time, we will be participating to the main technology fair in Mexico city: ExpoTecnología. ExpoTecnología is an event dedicated to companies to assess technological solutions and therefore to improve their processes. There will be about 150 exhibitors from this sector. Specialized forum and workshops will be held. We will be showing the […]

The Modification Resolution to the Resolución Miscelánea Fiscal for 2013 (2˚ RM for the RMF 2013) was officially published. It defines the Mexican digital invoicing methods for 2014. Please find below major announcements: 1. The maximum turnover amount to be able to generate fiscal receipts with bidimensional barcode (CBB) has been lowered from $4,000,000.00 to […]

We are constantly meeting SME to present Zoho CRM. We have been seeing the need from some companies to have a full ERP to run their business. Previously, we were indicating to these prospects or customers that we could not meet their needs. However, knowing our processes and service level, some of them requested us […]

MZ Consultants, distributor of cloud solutions for companies, and IPSIS Core, specialist in innovative technological solutions, have formally signed a partnership to strengthen the activity for both entities. This agreement will allow IPSIS Core to offer to its customers the MZ Consultants Saas solutions portfolio, to participate in common implementation projects and to have access […]

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