MYSuite Full Web: the most complete solution for digital invoicing

This kind of Saas service is targeted for small and medium Mexican companies (SME) which want to comply with their obligations or to anticipate new SAT rules.

Some features

  • CFDI generation and reception
  • CFDI (PDF and XML) distribution to final customers through email
  • CFDI storage for 5 years
  • Portal for CFDI management (lookup, preview, print, cancel …)
  • 1 RFC as sender
  • Several templates
  • Technical support through ticket

Monthly subscription

You should choose this option if you regularly generate invoices throughout the month.
$ / CFDI
$ 250.00
$ 2.50

With this package you can generate and receive up to 100 invoices every month. Cost of an additional CFDI is $3.20. Please find below Some examples:

  • Total amount for sending 150 invoices during the month: $410.00 + VAT
  • Total amount for sending 300 invoices during the month: $890.00 + VAT

Prepaid Invoices

If your invoicing frequency changes each month, you could have flexibility using prepaid invoices.
MY$50, 50 invoices
MY$100, 100 invoices
MY$200, 200 invoices
MY$300, 300 invoices
250,$,$5.00 / CFDI
375,$,$3.75 / CFDI
700,$,$3.50 / CFDI
975, $, $3.25 / CFDI
MY$400, 400 invoices
MY$500, 500 invoices
MY$1200, 1200 invoices
1200,$, $3.00 / CFDI
1500,$,$3.00 / CFDI
3300,$, $2.75 / CFDI

In case of needing more invoices, you could contact us. Cost of CFDI for these packages is $2.75.

MZ Consultants is a MY$uite partner to advise and guide our Mexican SME customers in this digital invoicing process. We can meet you in Mexico city or assist you in the entire country remotely.