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MZ Consultants joined this week Grilog. This association is a cluster of Grenoble IT companies. Its objectives is to enhance collaboration within members, promote this industry and help firms in their development. Grilog sets up regular networking and thematic meetings.

MZ Consultants went to Use IT 2012 held in Lyon, France on June 05th to 06th. This fair was dedicated to business leaders seeking solutions and technology. Interested in offering the best services to our SME customers in France and Mexico, we met several software editors. We were able to find innovative solutions we think […]

MZ Consultants was part of the Zoho Alliance Partner program since 2009 in Mexico. Our existing customers were located in the capital, Mexico city. Now we are also Zoho reseller in France. We will be able to serve customers in the Rhône Alpes (Lyon, Grenoble, Chambéry, Annecy) region and Switzerland‘s Geneva area. Applications created by […]

The Cluster Edit proposes a seminar towards software editors willing to export. Getting a software international ready does not only imply translating texts for another country. There needs to be a real strategy and readiness upfront in order to develop a product for a first destination and then continuing to other countries. This seminar is […]

MZ Consultants joined last week the Cluster Edit. This association’s main goal is to help IT companies from Rhône Alpes to access human capital and research, as well as being a support to international expansion. Cluster Edit has currently 600 members from Lyon, Grenoble and Saint Etienne.