Zoho CRM: solution for managing your customer relationship

Zoho CRM is a customer relationship management application. It is accessible as a Saas service. This tool, extremely affordable, easy to customize and with many features, can be recommended for:

  • Entrepeneurs and independent professionals (doctors, lawyers, accountants…)
  • Small businesses which want to improve their sales process
  • Medium enterprises with a dedicated sales department looking for task automation


Sales team can create and qualify their prospects within Zoho CRM. Once converted into customers, an opportunity pipeline will facilitate forecasting. During the entire cycle the application help you keeping track of all your interactions with customers.
  • Prospects: form to capture them from the Web, Excel upload, conversion to Accounts and Contacts
  • Accounts and Contacts: overview of the organization, link between companies, comments about sales relationship
  • Opportunities: history of all stages of sales process, Quote generation, forecasts and objectives per quarter
  • Tasks, Events and Calls: sales activity with Contacts, recurring tasks, notification of task assignment


Campaigns can be organized, launched and monitored from the application. Zoho CRM allows you to compare campaigns and their effectiveness in generating opportunity. Send personalized emails to your prospects and contacts.
  • Campaigns: complete life cycle, links to Prospects and Opportunities
  • Web forms: forms to capture customer information from website
  • Auto-responders: automated answers following a pattern or a form submission
  • Emails: up to 250 emails per day, usage of CRM data in the content, customization using HTML format

Customer Service

In order to better serve for your clients, all their feedback and comments should be registered. Once the email, tweet or phone call has been saved in Zoho CRM, the appropriate follow up must be undertaken through cases and resolution.
  • Calls: receiving calls, follow up tasks, notes and document attached
  • Cases: incidents reported by the customer, internal comments
  • Solutions: problem resolution, link to the original Product


Zoho CRM can handle your inventory management. It is possible to manage different products with their price list, providers, quotes and invoices, as well as sales and purchase orders.
  • Products: price lists with discounts, available quantity
  • Quotes and Invoices: several products, terms and conditions, customization using HTML format
  • Sales orders and Purchase orders: link to Quotes, customization using HTML format


Based on all the qualified data stored in the tool, it is possible to generate reports for all the modules. These reports can be in the form of a table, a matrix or grouped. All the fields from Zoho CRM can be used as criteria to refine results. Reports can be exported in PDF or Excel format and scheduled to be delivered by email.

Dashboards display the report results in diagrams. This help you visualize your data and key indicators. Dashboards facilitate business decisions.


Your sales, marketing and customer service processes have probably repetitive tasks: prospect assignment, follow up emails… These can be automated with Zoho CRM to improve your company efficiency.

You can create workflow rules and associate tasks, alerts and emails. These will be triggered following pre defined conditions. Data can be updated as well by workflow rules.

Zoho CRM has many other features useful for your business:

  • Mobile: mobile site, native application for iPhone, Android, Blackberry
  • API: data is accessible to be read or updated in other services through programming (see our achievement)
  • Plugins: connection to Zoho Mail / Zoho Projects / Zoho Invoice, Google Apps and more.