Zoho Campaigns: emailing solution to engage your customers

An email is often the first impression your prospects have from your company. Your email template must be professional and following your corporate standards. Zoho Campaigns includes an editor to personalize the design with your text, colors and images. In the message itself, you can use custom fields to directly address your client with his name.

Zoho Campaigns templates
Zoho Campaigns personalization

Once you sent your messages to all your audience, you may need to know whether the recipients have opened the email or if they clicked on a link. Zoho Campaigns manages statistics about number of views, spam complaints, which link has been clicked by… You can also verify if the email address is still accurate.

Your campaigns can now also be shared with your fans and followers through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Statistics will be available for these media as well.

Zoho Campaigns statistics
Zoho Campaigns social