Other Saas solutions

We are always looking to provide innovative, efficient and affordable Saas solutions to our customers. MZ Consultants establishes long term relationship with software editors who trust we can successfully market their products in France and Mexico.


RG System: solutions to monitor all your IT assets

  • Universal tool to monitor your running servers
  • Control all the computers installed in your organization remotely in one dashboard
  • Verify that your assets (printers, routers…) are reachable in your network

TOCoSK: test your skills in the Office suite

  • Enhanced, objective and short tests for recruitment purposes
  • Training on Word, Excel and PowerPoint to increase comfort with these tools
  • Multi level tests to assess your student progress

Itris Automation

PLC Checker: ensure the quality of your PLC programs

  • Automated static code analyzer to reduce risk of quality issues
  • Compliance coding rules verification required by norms (ISO, IEC 9126, IAEA…)
  • Mistakes classified in 4 severity levels to identify and facilitate code maintenance