Payroll statements

Starting from January 1st 2014, it is mandatory to generate payroll statements through Comprobantes Fiscales Digitales por Internet (CFDI).

Like all our digital invoicing customers, it is possible to generate this kind of receipts using the platform of our Proveedor Autorizado de Certificación (PAC) partner: MYSuite. These payroll statements are included in the CFDI quantity sent by your organization, like all other fiscal receipts (invoices, notes…), according to the chosen option.

For confidentiality reasons, payroll users can be different from other receipts users. These, who do not have access to the payroll module, cannot browse through your employee personal data.

Data to fill about the employee:

  • RFC
  • CURP
  • Email
  • Employee numb.
  • Employers registry
  • System type
  • Date start of relationship
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Payment method
  • Social security numb.
  • Period

By following this link, you will be able to watch a video showing the process in MYSuite.


In order for us to load your employee database and help with the generation of your payroll statements, please fill this document.