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Digital invoicing from your ERP

Your company already uses an accounting and administrative application or ERP. You have a different invoicing system to be able to comply with legal regulations and generate Comprobantes Fiscales Digitales por Internet (CFDI).

Problems are the following:

  • Duplicated data within two tools
  • Probability of error while invoicing
  • Digital invoicing system not coping with your needs

In order to have an organization improves its productivity, IT systems can be optimized. For digital invoicing, we created a connector which generates CFDI from any accounting and administrative application or ERP. Currently, our connector covers the following applications:

Control 2000


With our connector, you can take advantage of digital invoicing from the management tool you are currently using. There is no need to upgrade your version, you do not need to copy data you are holding in your ERP (company name, RFC, invoicing address…), you will not have to change your company processes…

We made our connector with a Proveedor Autorizado de Certificación (PAC): MYSuite.

Advantages of our solution are:

  • Saas application entirely on Internet
  • CFDI invoice (PDF et XML) distribution to end customers through email
  • CFDI invoice storage during 5 years
  • Availability of customized templates

We are adding other applications based on our customer wishes. Do not hesitate to contact us if you also need to link your ERP with a digital invoicing system. Our experience in administrative systems and Saas applications allow us to guide your company according to your needs.