Saas applications


Saas (Software as a Service – One of the Cloud components) are applications adapted for SME by offering a flexible subscription instead of the purchase of a license. We can assist you with setup and configuration in order for you to stay focus on your activity.

Regardless of your function or your sector, you will benefit from the key Cloud benefits:

Easy deployment of your applications

Cloud allows you to easily deploy business applications: adding or removing a user or a geographical location becomes child’s play.

Any Time, AnyWhere, Any Device

Access your software solutions and all your data from anywhere, at anytime and from any device you own.


Some of our partners


Why choose MZ Consultants?

Since 2009 MZ Consultants has been exclusively offering SaaS applications (one of cloud computing components).

We select the tools which are the most appropriate to our customer needs and which will best adapt to their specificities.

We offer smooth migrations to the cloud, integrating SaaS applications with your legacy in house software.

We monitor the evolutions of our partner software in order to bring to you a long term service in the digital transition of your business.