We partnered with Alveoo to be able to offer to our customers complex Web solutions. Experts with complementary skills (from development to design) are part of this company.
We signed a partnership with IPSIS Core. This company offers innovative solutions in consulting and computing services for organizations, as well as creation of custom Saas applications. It has a customer portfolio in both the public and private sector.
ClustR Numerique - Member 2016
MZ Consultants is part of the Clust’R Numérique which main goal is to help software and digital companies from Rhône Alpes to access human capital and research, as well as being a support to international expansion and innovation.


Work Online

As part of the Zoho Alliance Partner program since 2009, MZ Consultants is a Zoho reseller in Mexico and France. This editor creates Saas applications dedicated to SME.
MYSuite logo
We are a MYSuite Business Partner since 2010. Following this agreement, MZ Consultants is able to offer official digital invoicing to its customers in Mexico. MYSuite provides agile and efficient solutions for digital invoices.
We are a WAM ERP distributor. This administration solution is designed by Ready2Fill. The tool is a complete Saas application for SME which can be linked to other cloud services.